What is the Font Review Journal?

The Font Review Journal is home to reviews and analysis of typeface designs both new and old. This site is aimed at designers who want to discover new typefaces to add to their arsenal, or those who want to learn to appreciate old favorites on a deeper level.

My goal isn’t to prescribe a number score or valuation on a typeface — rather, I want to celebrate, analyze, demystify and inform designers who are looking to improve their typographic choices. I won’t be reviewing any fonts here that I don’t personally use and see value in. Designing a typeface is a herculean effort that takes hundreds of hours and often years of time to refine and complete. My aim is to show appreciation for these works of art through thoughtful discourse, aesthetic studies and historical context. There is often a gulf in the communication between the type design community and the designers who put their work to use, and I hope this site serves as a sort of bridge to bring the two practices to a closer understanding of each other.

New reviews will post weekly for the time being. If you’d like to know when new reviews get posted, sign up for the newsletter from the link in the menu!

Creator Information

The Font Review Journal was created by Bethany Heck, a design director and typographic enthusiast who specializes in multi-typeface systems. The site was built by Phil Moody, a top-notch web developer and designer based out of South Carolina. You can email info@fontreviewjournal.com with any questions.